Our Goats

We have a small herd of Nigerian Dwarf Goats and LaManchas. The NDGs are half-size dairy goats and generally have very good temperaments and a reputation for producing a surprising amount of milk for their size. Their milk is high in butterfat, producing rich cheeses. We have several LaManchas to top up our milk supply.

A Few Of The Girls

We are not an organic farm and, at this time, we are not looking at heading in that direction. However, as our herd is small, we are able to treat the goats on an individual basis as any health issues may arise. We will use antibiotics as appropriate to treat illness, however any goat that is given medication will have her milk withdrawn from use until the antibiotic has cleared her system. This milk withdrawal is done with all dairy animals from any size of herd. Our goats eat browse from our land during the summer (occasionally supplemented with hay), as well as a grain-based dairy goat ration. During the winter they eat hay cut from our land as well as some from a local producer.

Although they do prefer to stay inside during cold winter weather, they have access to outside, and during the summer have a large pasture area. We also take them on walks throughout other areas of our property to allow them access to a variety of vegetation.