Do we sell milk?

No, we are an inspected cheese-production facility with our own milk supply. Selling fluid milk requires a different type of license, something that we are not considering at the moment.

Are all of our products pasteurized?

Yes, we pasteurize our milk before we use it to make cheese. Provincial requirements state that all cheeses aged less than 90 days must be made from pasteurized milk. We are not currently producing any aged cheeses.

Do we do farm tours?

Not yet, but we hope to. The demands of daily farm life makes on-request tours impractical.

Are we organic?

No. We are not certified organic. Our goats are pastured on land that has not been sprayed during the time we have lived here (since April 2008). During the winter they eat hay grown on our land, as well as some purchased locally. We also feed a grain ration while milking in order to give them a protein boost and to make the milk stand a fun place to be.

Do we use antibiotics?

We do not routinely use antibiotics, however if an individual goat was to require them we would use them on a case-by-case basis. Any milk from that particular goat would be withdrawn from cheese-production for the required time as stated by the antibiotic manufacturer and our local vet.