About Us

We are a small farmstead goat cheese producer located south of Regina, Saskatchewan.

Marin Waddell is the cheesemaker of the operation. A former Community Planner (think Urban Planning but working at a provincial level with smaller municipalities) who loves cheese and goats, and was looking for a career change after the birth of her daughter. She took an Intensive Cheesemaking Class at the Western Dairy Center in the US. She is also the main caretaker of the goats.

James Holtom performs the physical labour of the operation. A project management engineer by day and a general handyman on evenings and weekends, he is the designer and builder of the cheese processing building.

Our children are Blythe (2009), and Robert (2012), and Walter (2013) Holtom-Waddell. Between the family and farm we stay very busy.